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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Zone dines at Red Lobster

A reader of the Omega Zone has requested that Sherlock Zone check out Red Lobster. For those of you who are reading this e-zine for the first time, every month Sherlock is sent to construct a Zone meal in a restaurant that leaves Zone diners clueless.


There are a number of good Zone choices at Red Lobster.


There are a couple of good soup choices, including a seafood gumbo with sausage. For his appetizer, Sherlock chose lobster and crab stuffed mushrooms. His dinner companion went for the jumbo shrimp cocktail.


When choosing an entree, pass on the ones that are battered and fried. Some good selections include broiled flounder, grilled salmon salad (without the tortilla chips), broiled shrimp scampi plus a grilled chicken breast, broiled seafood platter, and shrimp and lobster Caesar salad. Living up to its name, the restaurant features several lobster specials.


For members of the dinner party who don't like fish, there are some good alternatives. Sherlock liked the Aztec Chicken, which is a grilled chicken breast that has a barbecue seasoning and is topped with tequila-lime sauce, fresh pico de gallo and sour cream. (Go easy with the sour cream.) The chicken is served with fresh vegetables. The Apple Walnut Chicken Salad also looked promising.


Every day, Red Lobster serves many types of fresh fish, and what's on the menu varies daily. Diners can choose the preparation method, including broiled or grilled.


Like most restaurants, Red Lobster serves a bigger size of protein than Zoners eat. Remember, the protein portion of every meal should be no bigger or thicker than the palm of one's hand. Wrap up the rest to eat the next day for lunch. Also, the only favorable carbs served are steamed vegetables. Bring a piece of fruit to munch in the car on the way home or have a glass of wine with dinner. Red Lobster also has many tempting desserts. You could buy one, but only if everyone at your table (four or more) shares it.


Our Sherlock Zone has never failed us. He can construct a Zone meal at almost all (but not all) restaurants. If the menu at your favorite restaurant leaves you clueless, let us know, and we'll put Sherlock on the case.