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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Zone visits Max & Erma's

Max & Erma’s is a chain of 80 restaurants located in 16 states, mostly in the heartland area of the country. Sherlock Zone was dispatched to Max & Erma’s for his monthly Zone investigation.


Although he feared Zone-favorable selections would be limited, he found many menu items that will keep diners in the Zone.


He didn’t see anything he liked in the appetizer section of the menu but was more positive about salad offerings. A BBQ Chicken Salad contains char-grilled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, corn and tortilla strips. (Go easy on the corn and tortilla chips or see if you can get the salad without them.) The Salmon Caesar Salad is a combination of char-grilled fresh Atlantic salmon layered on romaine with Romano cheese. Skip the garlic croutons.


There are also a number of low-carb offerings including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Stack and Garden Grill. As usual, there is enough protein in these offerings to make two or more meals. All these entries are served with broccoli and no starch. You have to eat a massive amount of broccoli to make your blocks add up, but Max & Erma’s offers plenty of Zone-favorable sides including a fruit cup, Cole slaw, vegetable of the day, black bean salsa and onion soup.