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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock visits Houlihan's

Sherlock Zone is often on the road investigating the menus of our nation’s restaurant. From time to time he has noticed Houlihan’s restaurants scattered across the country. On his last culinary adventure he decided to check the restaurant out.


He began his meal with a Chicken Asian Lettuce Wrap. He liked the fact they were wrapped in lettuce. To round out his meal he had Sizzling Fajitas, served with red and green bell peppers and onions. He had only one tortilla.


Another menu offering to his liking is the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, which contains snow peas, red onions and red bell pepper strips, and Mandarin oranges. His calculations put that meal squarely in the Zone.


Other items to his liking include: a BBQ Salmon Salad that’s topped with Mandarin oranges and spicy pecans, a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, a Grilled Salmon Caesar, Seared Rare Asian Tuna Salad, and Coriander Grilled Salmon, which comes with fresh seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes. Ask for extra vegetables and skip the potatoes.


One word of advice from Sherlock is to bring along a piece of fruit to make sure you get enough favorable carbohydrates.