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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


It’s easy to stay in the Zone in the Big Easy

Sherlock Zone, our intrepid food detective, recently returned from a trip to New Orleans. Before he left, he feared he was entering a culinary world of bananas foster, pecan pie, corn and grits. When he held his magnifying glass up to Louisiana menus, he was delighted to find several native recipes to his liking.


In almost every restaurant he found gumbo on the menu. Its main ingredients are okra, gumbo crabs, onions, celery, green peppers, tomato sauce, tomatoes and spices. Sometimes it has rice mixed in, but the amount probably doesn’t add up to a block. Check with your waiter to be sure. Sometimes the rice is served on the side.


Jambalaya is another sure bet. It has a tomato base and contains sausage, vegetables, shrimp and spices. Make sure it isn’t served over rice.


He also enjoyed Shrimp Creole, a combination of shrimp, onions, pepper, celery, tomato sauce, garlic Worcester sauce and a dash of hot pepper sauce.


Another pleaser was Cajun Cabbage mixed with onions, tomatoes and spices.


A restaurant Sherlock would recommend is the Court of Two Sisters, featuring courtyard dining in the French Quarter.


Sherlock enjoyed Creole Seafood Gumbo and Chicken Oscar. He said no to the potatoes and asked for extra steamed asparagus. The Chef’s Catch of the Day is another sure bet. There are a number of vegetable sides.


Do you have a favorite restaurant that leaves you clueless? Perhaps Sherlock Zone can help. For the last six years our intrepid food detective has reviewed restaurants around the world. If you would like Sherlock to visit or revisit a restaurant (see his reviews on click here. Sherlock welcomes all suggestions.