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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock has some chili

Sherlock Zone had a hankering for a good bowl of chili so he decided to pay a visit to Skyline Chili. For those of you who don’t know, Sherlock Zone investigates restaurant menus to let us know where we can get a good Zone meal.


Sherlock looked at the nutritional information on the restaurant’s different chili selections and found most of them were too high in fat. His selection was the Regular Chili Plain With Beans, which contains 12 grams of fat, just right for a man, a tad high for a woman but not high enough to worry about. The chili contains 12 grams of carbohydrate and 23 grams of protein. The protein grams are just right for a woman; a man would have to add a block. Women will have to add three blocks of carbohydrate; a man four.


The best way to add up the blocks is to bring a piece of fruit and order one of the salads the restaurant features, such as a Southwestern Chicken Salad that has chili bean mix and salsa. Ask for a fat-free dressing and for them to eliminate corn tortilla chips that surround the salad.