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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Zone visits Sizzler

Sizzler, a national chain of steak houses, has joined the growing number of restaurants in the United States that offers low-carb selections. Sherlock Zone decided to investigate to see if the meals would keep diners in the Zone.


The three offerings feature way too much protein, but that is usually the case with restaurant servings. Remember, a typical woman needs 21 grams of protein; the typical male 28 grams of protein at each meal.


Hibachi Chicken With Broccoli carries 45 grams of protein, which is twice what a woman should eat. It contains about one-half block of carbohydrate in a side of broccoli and 6 grams of fat. To eat enough carbs, one would have to take a trip to the salad bar, which features more than 90 items to choose from. A little dressing will give you adequate fat blocks.


The Grilled Salmon With Broccoli is similar to the Hibachi Chicken in terms of protein and carbohydrate blocks, but the fat is a little high at 19 grams. And the “Petite” Sizzler Steak, which is pictured above? Forget about it. It gives you 61 grams of protein and a whopping 26 grams of fat. Eleven of those grams are saturated fat.


Sherlock figured he could stay in the Zone better by getting the unlimited salad bar, which includes hot appetizers. He also recommends the Sizzlin’ Garlic Herb Chicken, which comes with onions and mushrooms, or the Sizzlin’ Grilled Shrimp Skewers, which are served with onions and peppers. There are several other protein choices, and most consist of enough protein for two or more meals.


Sherlock wants to let everyone know that eating “low carb” usually means too much protein and fat and not enough carbohydrates to keep you in the Zone.