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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Zone Dining out at Panera Bread

Sherlock Zone has become quite a popular guy as far as the readers of The Omega Zone are concerned. Lots of people are asking Sherlock to investigate their favorite restaurant and give them clues about how to create a zoneful meal. So far he's successfully zoned meals at Bertucci's, Applebee's and Garcia's, a typical Mexican restaurant. (The archives are located on the home page of


This month I've received requests to send Sherlock to such restaurants as Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Cheese Cake Factory and Red Robin. He'll put those places under a microscope in future Omega Zone editions. But it was the request from Cindy this month that caught my eye - Panera Bread, "fresh-baked bliss." Now, Sherlock has utter self-confidence in himself, but I feared this was going to be too hard a case for Sherlock to crack. I was wrong.


Even though this restaurant is all about bread, Sherlock was able to couple some of the chain's tasty soups with salads. (He even spied Barry Sears eating black bean soup there one evening.) Other soups to Sherlock's liking were Farmer's Market Bisque, French Onion, Garden Vegetable and Vegetable and Sirloin. The black bean is particularly good because it probably contains just about all the carbs you need for your meal. Just don't get your soup served in a bread bowl. Believe me, that won't leave you in a blissful state.


There are a number of salads that can zonefully be paired with the soup, including Asian Sesame Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and Fandango Salad. Just don't eat too many croutons.


If you want a sandwich, choose one made with thin slices of bread and just eat one slice.


So Sherlock solved the toughest case I've thrown his way. Do you have a menu from a favorite restaurant that leaves you clueless? Let us know, and we'll put Sherlock Zone on the case.