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Sherlock Zone: Dining out at The Outback Steakhouse

The slogan of Outback Steakhouse is "No rules. Just right." There are, however, rules for Zoners, and many of the items on the menu are just not right at all. We sent Sherlock Zone to Outback recently. Sherlock is often given baffling cases to help people who are clueless about what to order at the favorite restaurants.


The first Outback tendency that threw our Sherlock for a loop was the portion size of protein offerings on the menu. The Melbourne, for example, is a 20-ounce porterhouse steak. Twenty ounces? That amount would provide protein for five meals for the typical American male. But never underestimate Sherlock Zone. He was able to put together several different Zoneful meals.


He first turned to the appetizers and ordered Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie, and Too Right French Onion Soup. He then chose a side of fresh vegetables and a glass of wine. Just right.


There are also some salads that were to his liking, including a Brisbane Caesar Salad, which came topped with either chicken or shrimp. Besides the fresh vegetables, there are also sides of grilled onions and Sautéed Shrooms (mushrooms), which make it easy to mix and match your carbohydrates.


There are several selections under the Grilled on the Barbie section of the menu that are good choices. Botany Bay Fish O' the Day is a fresh catch, lightly seasoned and grilled. It comes with fresh veggies. Chicken on the Barbie is seasoned and served with barbecue sauce and fresh veggies. There's also a North Atlantic Salmon that comes with steamed vegetables. Chicken and Veggie Griller and Shrimp and Veggie Griller are also offered.


Whatever dish you order, remember you never eat more protein than can fit in the palm of your hand. At Outback Steakhouse you're going to definitely have to ask for a "doggie bag."


So Sherlock Zone has cracked another case. Does the menu of your favorite restaurant leave you clueless? Let us know, and we'll send Sherlock to the rescue.