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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock shows Zoners how to eat on the fly

Sherlock Zone, our indefatigable food detective, recently came upon a survey the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine conducted that reviewed airport food. Sherlock thought it was a great idea, especially this month when so many people are flying home to be with their families.


He was going to share it with you until he began to read the recommendations: burritos, wraps, pitas, buns, paninis, tacos, subs, etc. If the offering was vegetarian and no-fat, then the group recommended piling on the bread.


What is a Zoner to do? Instead of flying into a rage, Sherlock flew around the country to make his own airport recommendations.


In general, when you travel, you know you can’t get a decent in-flight meal, unless you are flying internationally or business class. Even then, you have to consume partial meals. For example, have the chicken or fish and vegetables. Don’t eat the rice, potatoes and dessert.


Most Zoners stock up on Zone Bars and take string cheese and portable fruit, such as apples and grapes, with them on the plane.


But for those who need to eat on the fly, these tips might be helpful. Sherlock chose restaurants that most of the time are featured in a lot of airports. And believe me, his recommendations are not what the Physicians’ Committee doctors ordered.


At Miami Airport, Sherlock chose Quiznos’. He recommends a few of the salads, including raspberry chicken, Cobb, and chipotle chicken Caesar. Chili is also a good bet. If you’re going to have a sandwich, make it open faced.


Sherlock tried a restaurant named Encounter Café at the Los Angeles International Airport. He recommends the pan roasted breast of chicken with the vegetables but without the gnocchi, or salmon with the vegetables but without the rice. An Oriental Chicken Wrap is another choice, and there are a number of salads.


He went to Fuddruckers at the Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport. Now, that’s a restaurant that’s just about everywhere. Two salads caught his eye: Market Toss, which featured grilled chicken, cheeses, tomatoes, eggs, almonds and bacon; and Caribbean chicken, which came with grilled chicken, pineapple, mandarin oranges and pico de gallo. The only favorable side was a fruit cup.


Over in Houston at the George Bush International Airport, he went to Ruby’s Diner. The best salad he saw was Chinese chicken salad with greens, celery, green onions, red bell peppers and grilled chicken breast. Discard the wontons. Also good bets are ground turkey or garden burgers. You can request them wrapped in lettuce rather than ordering a bun. Coleslaw and cottage cheese may be substituted for the French fries.


French Meadow Bakery and Café was his choice at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Choose the tempeh cutlet with red beans and braised greens (discard the “organic dirty brown rice”) or the Miso Salmon (say no to the garlic mashed potatoes). The Nicoise Salad is a good bet if you push aside the potatoes, and you can add tofu, salmon or free-range chicken to the Greek Salad.


Sherlock hopes these hints get you started on a Zoneful holiday season.