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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock visits Fuddrucker's

Fuddrucker’s bills itself as having “the world’s greatest hamburger.” Sherlock Zone was sent to the restaurant to find out if that’s true, but he didn’t. Why? Because he decided to have an ostrich burger (97 percent fat free) instead. When chided about his investigational gaffe, Sherlock remained stubborn. He simply doesn’t like hamburgers so why get one, when he could have an ostrich burger, a turkey burger or a salmon burger, all more healthy choices. If you want to have a burger, try the low-carb option, which is served bunless with a garden salad. Then to try to bring your carbs up to where they should be, ask for grilled or portabella mushrooms as a topping. You can also get a low-carb bunless chicken breast that comes with a salad.


There are no decent Zone side dishes, so you may want to bring some fruit from home. Or order a more substantial salad. Oriental Chicken Salad contains, Mandarin oranges, crispy noodles, tomatoes and sesame vinaigrette. Tell them to hold the noodles.


You may still be low on carbs so ask about the soup of the day or have some chili.


Sherlock Zone answered one question: Yes you can get a Zone meal at Fuddrucker’s. You’ll have to figure out for yourself whether or not Fuddrucker’s serves “the world’s greatest hamburger.”