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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Zone grabs at FirstWatch

Sherlock Zone, our intrepid food detective, recently ate at FirstWatch, a national chain of restaurants that serves breakfasts and lunches.


Sherlock arrived at the restaurant at lunchtime.


A number of salads caught his eye, including:


Pecan Dijon, all-white meat chicken breast, bacon, avocados, pecans, tomatoes, carrots and cheese atop romaine drizzled with warm honey Dijon dressing


Cobb, bacon, turkey, egg, tomato, bleu cheese and avocado over romaine with a choice of dressing


No. 5, a light Asian salad of fresh Romaine lettuce, crispy wontons, cashews, all-white meat chicken breast, fresh cilantro and carrots tossed in a Ginger Sesame dressing. Say no to the wontons.


Santa Fe, romaine, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheeses and avocado tossed in Santa Fe dressing, topped with Cajun all-white meat chicken breast and croutons. Ask server to hold the croutons.


Fruity Chicken, a scoop of homemade chicken salad served atop baby spinach, sliced tomato, fresh seasonal fruit and Poppyseed dressing. Tuna may be substituted.


As far as dressings are concerned, most of them are loaded with fat, which was a grave concern to Sherlock. The only one in the Zone is the fat-free raspberry vinaigrette. You can also ask your server to hold the dressing or bring your own.


There are also some sandwiches that can be eaten without the bread.


Chicken Salad Melt, chicken salad with water chestnuts, apples, raisins, celery, melted cheese and tomato.


Not Guilty Your Honor, a wheat tortilla filled with cucumber, spinach leaves, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, tomato slices and feta cheese, served with a side of hummus.


Turkey Burger, a turkey patty, lettuce, tomato and red onion


If you need more carbs, order a side of hummus or a fruit bowl.