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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Dines at Boston Market

Boston Market, which is located in 28 states, has the slogan "We're always cooking." The goal of the restaurant is to provide "real food" to people who don't have time to cook and often face "the four o'clock dilemma."


But is it real "Zone" food, we wondered, sending Sherlock Zone to the scene to investigate. Sherlock, by the way, every month puts a restaurant under the microscope because the menu leaves customers clueless about whether or not they can find a Zone meal there.


Sherlock did not have to go far before he found tangible evidence. When he went to, he found that every single item on the menu was broken down into grams of protein, carbohydrate, fat and the like, telling him precisely what he could expect.


For example, 1/4 white meat chicken, no skin or wing, yielded close to 5 blocks of protein and about 1 block of fat. A skinless rotisserie turkey breast added up to a little more than 5 blocks of protein and insignificant fat. Both are good choices. The honey glazed ham contained 10 grams of sugar, which meant Sherlock passed on that protein option. The meatloaf was too high in fat.


One problem Sherlock had was coming up with enough favorable carbohydrates. Boston Market shoppers should have a bowl of grapes or other simple-to-prepare carbohydrates waiting at home.


The chicken or turkey can be paired with sides of green beans and a steamed vegetable medley, which when combined add up to a 1 block of carbohydrate and another block of fat. The fruit salad has about 11/2 blocks of carbohydrate. Sherlock contemplated adding a side of creamed spinach, but decided against that when he learned the side contained 20 grams of fat, and half of the fat content was saturated.


The bottom line for Sherlock was that he will go back to Boston Market and order the skinless turkey or chicken breasts but prepare a salad and fruit when he gets home.


If the menu of your favorite restaurant leaves you clueless, let us know, and we'll send Sherlock Zone to the scene.