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Restaurant Reviews Sherlock Zone


Sherlock Dines Baja Fresh

Sherlock Zone found that he could get the taste of fresh Mexican food without loading up on tortillas and rice after he enjoyed a meal at Baja Fresh, a chain that has 300 restaurants in 25 states. Sherlock, as most of you know, is our intrepid culinary investigator, who checks out restaurants around the world to find where we can get a good Zone meal.


He chose Baja Fresh because, as the name implies, the restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients, including salsas that are handmade daily and boneless, skinless chicken breasts.


Sherlock chose to start with Tortilla Soup that contains sliced avocado, cheese, onion and cilantro. By eating a few of the corn tortilla strips in the soup, he was able to catch the Mexican spirit without being weighed down by heavy tortillas. He paired his soup with a Chipotle Glazed Charbroiled Chicken Salad that included warm chicken tenders, romaine lettuce, a little bit of roasted corn, poblanos (a mild chile pepper), red peppers, grilled pineapple and a chipotle vinaigrette dressing.


The restaurant also offers a Mahi Mahi Ensalada with romaine, Pico de Gallo salsa, tomatoes, avocado, cheese and an avocado salsa; and a Side-by-Side, which gives diners the choice of charbroiled steak, chicken or pork along with a side of an avocado-topped salad.


If more carbs are needed for a meal, add a side of fresh salsa or black beans.


Fajitas are also a good choice at any Mexican restaurant, because the fixings include chicken, peppers, onions, beans and guacamole. Have only one tortilla and make it a corn tortilla, because it has a lower glycemic load than the flour variety.